Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The day goes on

It's early evening in north Georgia. I cut my fingernails. You know what a big deal that is. I cut them down for playing the guitar. They haven't been this short in a while. They think something is up.

I dug a hole in my backyard (earlier before the fingernail cutting) for one of the two Serviceberry trees I need to plant. John my landscaping guy is coming by day after tomorrow to help me finish the job.

I am cooking a large artichoke in the steamer, rubbed down with fresh lemon juice, fresh Italian garlic, and sea salt. It's about done. I played Your Sister Cried by Mary Gauthier. It was good. I will have the artichoke with olive oil and lemon juice when it cools. It will also be good.

If you come over, I will share my artichoke with you. And make coffee after. And play a song for you and you for me.


At 8:00 PM, Blogger oklahoma exile said...

You know how I love artichokes....and music.


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